As a producer who has worked with Detroit wordsmith Eminem early on his career, Scott Storch was asked to share his earliest memories of the rapper during a recent interview with Mikey T The Movie Star.

Storch says he was introduced to Eminem through Dr. Dre who doted on Em’s lyrical skills. The New York beatsmith also revealed that he was surprised to find that Eminem was “another white dude” upon meeting the rapper.

“I remember I was working with Dr. Dre,” Storch said. “And he was telling me about Marshall. I mean, I had heard about him from his Rawkus days. But he was telling me ‘Oh, I got this dude [called] Eminem. He’s ridiculous. He’s like the best rapper I swear to God in the world. Blah blah blah blah blah.’ And he came in and I wasn’t expecting like for another white dude to be walking in the room. I thought I was the only white dude. And then I didn’t know he was speaking up this guy that’s this most amazing rapper is coming in.”

Storch went on to comment on Eminem’s creativity and energy in the studio, qualities he says he sees in Chris Webby, an artist he’s currently working with.

“I remember that day we were fixing up a record of his and we did that ‘Just The Two Of Us’ that day,” he said. “And I don’t know—I was blown away then. He was something completely different. He reminds me of—like his energy and just all his creativity—like the greatest. And I saw something the other night in this dude I’m working with, Chris Webby. And it kinda reminded me a little bit of that type of vibe. Really into the craft and excited about the records…I remember being in the studio at some point. I forget what album it was with Em. And Em was going so crazy. He was so passionate about just adding like all the little sound effects to the songs. Like a glass breaking or anything, a car screeching. The sounds. Like all that stuff and just being so meticulous with it and making it real.”

In addition to working with Eminem, Storch also reportedly worked with Dr. Dre on his much-delayed album, Detox. Nearly four years ago the producer revealed that Dre’s album was only three tracks away from completion during an interview with DJ Skee.

Following his return to music last year, Scott Storch has worked with the likes of Fat Joe, Pusha T, DJ Khaled, and a handful of other artists.

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