During an interview with Mikey T The Movie Star last month, producer Scott Storch expressed excitement at the possibility of working with Bronx rapper Fat Joe again. Nearly one month after Storch revealed that he was “really looking forward to” working with Joe, the New York beatsmith was videotaped in the studio with the rapper.

While in the studio with Joe, Storch took time to speak on the duo’s work both past and present. He recalled hitting it off immediately with the New York City emcee shortly after meeting him and also recalled disappointing the rapper later on in his career.

“We just hit it off,” Storch said during an interview with Mikey T. “It was a funny, little moment. And played some records. And we eventually reconnected after that at my crib back here in Florida…We just recently spoke about the fact I hadn’t seen him—or not seen him, but spoke to him rather over the holidays. And he was excited to listen to what he had heard I’d been doing. Because I let a lot of people down a lot of times. So, he and I we had come together a few times a couple years back and he was kinda I guess disappointed in the fact that I didn’t have that fire. Cause I wasn’t cooking it up.”

According to Storch, both he and Joe have already created a handful of “really solid records” for the Bronx wordsmith’s next project.

“And now to fuckin come and reunite together after he was back home and he’s inspired, doing his thing again,” he said. “It’s such good timing that I finally got that real, real, real…that serious flame fire. And like the fact that he acknowledged it, it felt amazing…So far we got two or three really solid records in no time. Real new shit.”

In addition to Fat Joe, Scott Storch has been at work in the studio with a handful of artists over the past few months. Among the artists Storch has worked with recently is the Clipse’s own Pusha T, an artist the producer says he’s hoping to make “sophisticated” music with on the rapper’s next solo album, King Push.

“So, I think he [Pusha T] was intrigued by probably the record that I did with Vado,” Storch said during an interview in January. “And the fact that it’s more organic and more real Hip Hop. When he came in he was like ‘No trap. No trap. No trap. No trap. No trap. Trapped out.’ For me, being able to make these more musical records and a little bit more sophisticated in the instruments and the actual melodies and all that stuff. It’s great. That’s what I do.”

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