45 King recently told the world via Twitter that he had a heart attack and now, the producer, who has produced for Jay Z and Eminem, among others made a video updating fans on his condition.

“I want to thank you for all the prayers about the heart attack,” 45 King said in the video. “I’m doing pretty good and I know what medicines I have to take and I haven’t had a cigarette in like 10 days.”

Regarding people’s social media interaction, especially at the time of the heart attack, 45 says he appreciates everyone’s concern and their appreciation of his music career.

“A lot of the stuff really brings tears to my eyes… I’m just so glad that enough people like my art to pay the bills and [laughs] the Grammys.”

On January 22, 45 King took to Twitter and announced he suffered a heart attack. “Had a heart attack…Wednesday [January 22],” 45 King said in the social media statement. “My blood needs more oxygen. It’s a hard knock life…Wish me luck!”

Watch the full video updating his condition below:

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