45 King, a producer who has earned praise for instrumentals he’s crafted for Eminem, Jay Z and Queen Latifah, among others, recently announced that he had a heart attack.

“Had a heart attack…Wednesday [January 22],” 45 King said in his Twitter statement. “My blood needs more oxygen. It’s a hard knock life…Wish me luck!”

45 King’s reference to “Hard Knock Life” recalls the beat he produced for the Jay Z selection of the same name. 

“He goes in an out of the scene,” Jay Z said of 45 King in an excerpt from a film on King’s YouTube page. “He came back and he made ‘Stan’ for Eminem. He does these great and remarkable cultural things that grab culture. He’s actually a genius in that way. And then he just disappears for years.” 

45 King’s Twitter update can be found below, followed by the clip from 45’s YouTube page which features Jay Z

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