Tahiry, who rejected Joe Budden’s proposal during a recent episode of Love & Hip Hop, spoke about reality television’s impact on her relationship with the Slaughterhouse emcee in an interview with VladTV

“When it comes to reality TV shows, we must be the ass-backwards couple because it brought us back together,” Tahiry said. “However, if Joey and I were to keep it private…I don’t…I’ve never thought about if Joey and I was to keep it private, would it have worked because Joey is not a private person. Knowing the person I was with for a long time, being on reality TV shows with him and watching his every move and actually learning some of these moves from him, because I do give him that: I’ve learned a lot when it comes to social media networks through him.” 

Tahiry also said that she understands Joe Budden’s social networking and his need to divulge personal information is a part of the man she once shared a relationship with. 

“He is who he is,” Tahiry said. “He raps about it. He talks about it. He Instagrams about it. He Tweets about it. So, even today, when I look back like, ‘You’re gonna keep rapping about me?’ Why am I even beefin’? I knew who I was with from the beginning. It’s what he does. He lives through his music. He lives through exposing whatever it is. He is who he is. That’s his outlet. These girls out there, that’s why they probably date him. They need five minutes. We all know he’s very expressive and emotional and talented.” 

Part of Budden’s emotional and expressive sides were on display when the rapper proposed to Tahiry during an epsiode of Love & Hip Hop. 

“I said to you that I want my words to match my actions,”Joe Budden said to Tahiry on the VH1 program. “That was incomplete. I want my actions to match my feelings. I want the ties that bind us together to always be stronger than those that tear us apart. I love you. I need you. I don’t want to spend another day without you. With that said, Tahiry-my-mom-didn’t-give-me-a-middle-name-Jose, will you marry me?” 

To view Budden’s proposal click here

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