Years before Eminem became a Hip Hop superstar, the Detroit rapper had a legendary run on the Battle Rap circuit. However, Ultimate Rap Leauge’s Norbes believes there’s a battle rapper that could put Shady to shame.

Charlie Clips…this is the problem with Charlie Clips: he’s so talented, and he gets lazy,” said Norbes in an interview on Vlad TV. “Charlie Clips is damn near… he has the ability to be the greatest battle rapper ever. And his ability, if he takes it serious, Eminem is not fuckin’ with him. If Eminem is in front of Charlie Clips right now, Charlie will put him to sleep. He’s that talent. People are gonna kill me in the comments, I don’t care.”

URL TV’s Hynaken agreed with Norbes’ opinion. “His statement has validation, because is there a clear loss for Charlie Clips?” said Hynaken. “There’s no clear losses.”

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Norbes continued his praise of Clips, who battled B Magic in August of last year. “Charlie, man, he is literally the most talented battle rapper I ever seen in my life,” he said. “…He has the crowd control of Hitman Holla, the freestyle ability of an Eminem, he’s lyrical like a Lux. …It’s just scary, man. If he’s focused, I put my money [on him].”

Watch the interview below:

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