After shutting its website down yesterday (January 14), Coinyecoin is back. 

“Contrary to popular media opinion, we are not dead,” the site’s homepage says. “We are working hard to bring you some exciting new additions!

“Is Kanye [West] involved?” the site’s message continues. “Absolutely not! We would like to make it clear that we are entirely independent of the man, and there should be no confusion as to the intent or origin of this project. The name ‘Coinye’ is intended solely as parody, not an indication or implication of endorsement or involvement.

“So this is still if nothing else, and interesting experiment,” the statement continues. “The biggest challenge will be getting an exchange to list, and keeping enough miners in the community to keep the network up – but this is a first. This is the first attempted takedown/dismantling of a coin. This provides useful data for the future on how resilient crypto currencies are to outside control beyond whales manipulating the markets.”

Yesterday, Kanye West’s lawsuit against Amazon and Coinye West crypto-currency caused the anonymous virtual currency creators to shut their work down.

“COINYE IS DEAD,” Coinye’s site said at the time. “You win, Kanye.” 

West filed a lawsuit against Coinye’s creators yesterday, according to The Hollywood Reporter. He also sued and Amazon for operating a digital currency exchange and for providing web hosting services to the currency exchanges, according to THR’sreport. 

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