Kim Kardashian has decided to file a police report against the 18-year-old that fiance Kanye West allegedly assaulted in the waiting room of a Beverly Hills chiropractor’s office yesterday (January 13), reports. 

Kardashian wants the 18-year-old prosecuted for making criminal threats, the story says. 

Kardashian was in a medical office building yesterday when she was approached by paparazzi and the 18-year-old allegedly said to Kardashian, “Fuck these faggot-ass niggers,” regarding the paparazzi, says. 

When Kardashian told the 18-year-old that it was inappropriate for him to use the n-word, he replied, “Fuck you, bitch. Just trying to help you. Shut up nigger lover, stupid slut,”’s story says.

Kardashian, who was alone at the time, let the 18-year-old walk into an office. Kanye West arrived soon thereafter and located the 18-year-old in the waiting room of chiropractor Richard Hill. West then allegedly punched the alleged victim, reports.

The alleged victim said he wants to press charges, which could have other legal implications for West, as he is facing other assault charges. In November, West’s lawyer entered a not guilty plea on his behalf in court, according to

The rapper-producer was charged with battery and attempted grand theft after a July 19 altercation at Los Angeles airport that was caught on tape. West was shown trying to take a camera from a photographer who spoke to West as the rapper exited the airport.

If convicted of both charges, which are misdemeanors, West faces up to one year in jail, says.

The photographer, whose name is Daniel Ramos, has also sued West in civil court for assault and battery, as per

West was originally named a felony suspect for attempted robbery, but those charges were rejected by the Los Angeles County District Attorney.

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