50 Cent recently addressed the role that technology plays in the lives of people. In the interview, 50 Cent also spoke about how Instagram and other forms of social networking are set to impact lives in different ways. 

“I think technology is gonna take away privacy completely,” 50 Cent says in the interview with The Verge. “Your Google [Glass], the guy who just wants a photo for his social networking, takes a picture of you at the urinal because he tells the glasses to take the picture…You’ll see it on his Instagram later. So everything will be out. I think it’s important to try to stay as close to as many people as possible, as far as your fan-base is concerned. I use my social networking to entertain them. It’s not me showing you what I had to eat. People use it completely differently. They show you their lifestyle. But if you look at mine, my Instagram may even look like it’s a fake one because it’s things that I put up, not photos of me.”

In November 2013, Young Guru was featured in a video by Google Glass to showcase the features of the product. That video can be found below, followed by a tutorial on how to take photographs and videos with Google Glass.

Recently, 50 Cent also spoke about his SMS Audio’s collaborations with Star Wars and Carmelo Anthony.

“It’s exciting to have the collaborations cause these guys have a strong passion for music,” 50 Cent said in a recent interview with Fox. “Carmelo, most professional athletes have a passion for it cause it’s a lot of physical discipline involved and we can take it down to the basics. The way we would actually utilize it on the treadmill or just keeping ourselves healthy.”

In the interview with The Verge, 50 Cent also discusses his perspective on curved televisions, Minecraft and self-driving automobiles. More from the interview can be viewed below.

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