Following the death of G-Unit Records affiliate Mazaradi Fox last week, Tony Yayo offered his condolences to the family of the slain rapper during an interview with DJ Whoo Kid of Shade 45. Yayo also offered his condolences to Fox’s daughter, who reportedly suffered a graze wound to the neck during the shooting.

“You know how it is in these streets, man,” Yayo said. “Yeah man, it’s not a game out there, man. People not playing, man. Shit is definitely real. You know? So, rest in peace to Fox, man. Condolences to his family, his daughter, and everybody.”

Yayo and DJ Whoo Kid also took time to address gun violence in the United States during their conversation. The G-Unit wordsmith commented on the lack of guns overseas, particularly Paris, France, before the conversation switched over to the sneaker craze that has resulted in the occasional outbreak of violence.

“They only got guns in America, man,” Yayo said. “When we go to Paris and stuff you know they ain’t got no guns over there and stuff like that…Yo, it’s crazy. I remember one time I was getting off the plane and this was the last place we was at. I forgot where we was at. I think it was Malaysia and I was wondering why all these kids was outside the store. And they was waiting for them new Gammas, the Jordans, man. And it was cold out. I was like ‘Damn, man.’ Crazy. But, you know, I mean people are [into] material things now these days. That’s how it is. It been like that for a long time. And you know the young kids go crazy for that stuff. You know?

“Yeah, when people start getting shot that’s when it get a little crazy…And it’s a shame,” he added. “And that’s what the kids want, man. It’s like them sneakers. It’s like that’s they addiction. I love sneakers too, but I don’t think I’mma stand in the cold for ‘em and I don’t knock the kids for it. That’s what they like. That’s how much they love the sneakers.”

Mazaradi Fox was shot and killed on January 3 in Queens, New York and was pronounced dead on the scene. Three others, including the 42-year-old rapper’s daughter, were also injured during the shooting.

Although Fox was never officially signed to G-Unit Records, the rapper did appear on a handful of records with 50 Cent and Tony Yayo. Among those records is “It’s A Stick Up,” a song that featured Yayo, Mazaradi, and Snoop (from the television show The Wire).

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