Stalley, who is a member of Rick Ross’ MMG imprint, recently discussed a high school memory that includes NBA star LeBron James. 

“I got to play against him,” Stalley said, speaking about Miami Heat’s James, in an interview with Damon Campbell’s Muzik’s My Life. “It was definitely an experience. He’s definitely a talent, as you can see, the best player on the planet.” 

During the interview, Stalley also spoke about Curren$y‘s role in helping him land on Rick Ross’ MMG imprint.

“Curren$y [is] my brother, my dog,” Stalley said. “He was familiar with Ross before me. Him and Wiz [Khalifa] did a song with Ross and they stayed in contact. Ross reached out to him knowing that he knew me. Currency called like, ‘Ross wants your number. Is it cool if I give it to him?’ So I was like, ‘Yeah, no doubt.’ Ross gave me a call and we’re here now.” 

In April, Stalley spoke about his respect for LeBron James in an interview with ESPN

“I tip my hat to LeBron,” Stalley said. “I knew he was going to be something special. I saw him up close a lot. He was an animal. I’m still such a big fan of his. He is my motivation. Seeing him do what he does, why can’t I get Grammys? Why can’t I sell platinum records? It makes me work harder.” 

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