“The Breakfast Club,” the morning show of New York Radio Station Power 105.1, a Clear Channel radio station, will have its show broadcast live on REVOLT TV weekdays starting March 3.

“We are proud of this new partnership with Clear Channel,” REVOLT CEO Keith Clinkscales said in a statement. “Adding radio as a medium to REVOLT[‘s] arsenal will help push the traditional boundaries of music television and expand our reach even further with millions of new listeners and viewers which is incredible for a fledgling network.”

The Breakfast Club” is set to air on REVOLT from 6 am-10 am. 

“The Breakfast Club” often features interviews with rappers. Among the acts who have appeared on the program this year are Kanye West, Pusha T, Juicy J, 2 Chainz, Trinidad Jame$, Bun B and Nelly.

West’s interview in November featured Charlamagne Tha God calling the Chicago rapper-producer a “walking contradiction.” 

Charlamagne Tha God said that West calls out major corporations and then later asks for their help. West responded by saying that he’s more so critical of the people who run the corporations and not the corporations themselves.

“It ain’t that I feel like a slave,” West said. “We are mentally enslaved. We enslaved to brands. We enslaved to like a Benz symbol. We enslaved to chains. A woman is enslaved to the concept of diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Like girls in London don’t even wear engagement rings. That’s all been programmed into us. When we born, we born artists, we born free, and then we held down by society’s perception of us. We just don’t want to be embarrassed…I’m not denouncing the corporations. I’m denouncing the people that have the job at the corporations at that time…I ain’t going at Nike as a corporation. I’m going at the people that’s running the corporation and I’m saying ‘I’mma hit you in the chest until you listen to me.’”

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