As fans await the 20-year-anniversary album by the Wu-Tang Clan, A Better Tomorrow, the group’s members have their own plans.

In an interview with Montreality, U-God spoke about his intentions going forward as a solo artist. “I’m just gonna keep dropping records,” said U-God. “My catalogue gonna be fierce. I’m on over 20 songs… The game is my catalogue.”

U-God confirmed that the Wu album was still on. “Another Wu album is supposedly in the makings,” he said. “We’re gonna try and get it off. It takes a little time for us to get that right. I ain’t trying to rush nothin’. Wanna make it right.”

U-God also spoke about the remix of “Wu-Tang Forever,” the Drake track, which was set to feature various members of the Wu, but has yet to surface. “I don’t know [whether fans will hear it]. We didn’t have that much time. The window of time for us to record that was like about three hours. …We really needed to just sit there and marinate with it. If they gave us a bigger time frame, then yeah.”

The Wu-Tang rapper also responded to Trinidad James’ recent claims that Atlanta runs New York Hip Hop. “Trinidad James ain’t talkin’ to me about that,” said Golden Arms. “About niggas from New York. Listen to my shit, nigga. Ain’t tryin’ to hear that.”

U-God continued, saying, “Only reason why them niggas is poppin’, man, down South niggas sign any goddamn thing. New York dudes…we don’t go for all that.”

“I like the music, personally,” he said. “But Trinidad James, knock it off with that bullshit.”

Watch the interview below:

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