Lupe Fiasco has recently been doing press rounds to promote his upcoming album, Tetsuo & Youth.

In a recent interview with Los Angeles radio station Power 106, the Chicago native talked about a song he has with singer Chris Brown entitled “Crack.” 

“The song with Chris Brown called, ‘Crack’ [is] about smoking crack,” Lupe Fiasco said during an interview. “That’s what the song is about. People are like, ‘How could you make a song about smoking crack?’ I’m like, ‘Well, why not?’ People smoke crack. It’s a problem. It’s not a problem. Some people love it. Some people hate it. I’m just going to present it to you in a format where, hey this song is about smoking crack. How you deal with it is how you deal with it. Does it make you go fight a anti-drug campaign? Does it make you want to smoke crack? Does it build you up as a crack dealer? Does it tear you down as a crack dealer? I don’t know. I don’t really care. But I’m going to make a song about smoking crack called, ‘Crack.'” 

Lupe Fiasco Describes Concept Behind “#1234” Video

During the interview, Fiasco also spoke about the music video for “#1234.”

“I just want them to be these one shots or these shots of imagery and put this imagery together to tell a story,” Fiasco said of the clip. “I want to take that video and then show it to a little kid, then I want to take a video of that kid watching the video and then show that to some adults and really that was the video.” 

“#1234” can be viewed below. 

Lupe Fiasco Clarifies “Ratchetness” Of Tetsuo & Youth

During the interview, Lupe Fiasco also clarified the difference between what he considers ratchet and what he believes the masses define it as. 

“It’s Lupe’s ratchet,” Fiasco said. “You can either take something and fall into what everyone else is saying or you can take something and build upon it and make a new thing out of it.”

He also detailed the “ratchetness” of his album earlier this week in an interview with Houston’s 97.9 The Box.

Watch Lupe Fiasco’s full interview with Power 106 below:

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