On Lipstick and Pistols, Lola Monroe‘s most recent mixtape, the rapper has a selection titled “Makaveli.” Recently, Monroe spoke with MTV about Tupac Shakur’s influence on her life and on the song.

“I was listening to All Eyez on Me a lot around that time,” Monroe said of recording “Makaveli.” “I was in L.A. and that’s just what the beat gave me and a lot of times when I write my records, I allow the beat and the feeling of the beat to just lead my hook and the emotion that comes out of me. That’s how that record got created.” 

Although she named Tupac Shakur’s 1996 release, Monroe also said that it was not only the album of his that she was influenced by. 

“It’s just ‘Pac in general,” she said. “His intensity and his passion, that also stuck out to me.”

During the interview, Monroe also compared Tupac with The Notorious B.I.G.  

“I loved Biggie coming up and I love Biggie’s flow and just how he was always a boss and his delivery on the track,” she said. “And then with ‘Pac it was the intensity and the passion behind all his lyrics and his delivery. So, around that time, that’s what I was feeling.”

In 2012, Wiz Khalifa praised Lola Monroe’s rapping.

“She’s iller than any female artist I’ve ever heard in my life,” Wiz said. “She’s so much better than any female…just her lyrical ability. I know a lot of people say that shit, but she’s from D.C., and nobody’s heard that story before…from a female. You’ve heard all these other stories and all this other shit, but you have heard her’s yet, so I feel she’s different, she’s better.”

More from Monroe’s interview with MTV can be viewed below.

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