A$AP Rocky and Bun B responded to Trinidad James’ comments regarding New York Rap. James made headlines yesterday (November 13) when he discussed New York Hip Hop with a Brooklyn, New York crowd. “Us in the South,” James said. “We run y’all musically.”

Rocky, who is from New York, responded to these comments on MTV.

“It’s not really about who run what,” A$AP said yesterday when asked about this. “Everybody got its time, but people don’t want to enjoy that until it’s gone.”

Bun B Discusses Trinidad James’ New York Rap Comments

Bun B, who hails from Texas, also commented on James’ comments, while sitting beside Rocky in the interview.

“Hip Hop left New York in the late ’70s, early ’80s and went out to the world and I came back,” Bun B said. “I threw Hip Hop out into the world in 1992 and [A$AP Rocky] came back. So, once you give it to the world, when it comes back to you, you can’t be mad at how it comes back to you because you sent it out there in the first place. We can’t be critical, too critical of situations because we have to keep everything in its proper perspective. Hip Hop started in New York, so if you’re an emcee…you’re already trying to be like New York, so it don’t make sense for somebody to say New York tryin’ to be like them. We’re all students of the culture. We’re all taking in information and giving it back out. It’s just starting to look different than maybe it looked originally. It’s starting to sound different than maybe it sounded originally. I can understand his viewpoint. There’s some validity to that, but that’s happened in Hip Hop before, where other regions have been so enamored by what’s happening from here, that we want to be a part of it. You can look at Hip Hop fashion today and everybody in Hip Hop really dressing like Europeans. Nobody’s talkin’ about that. You’re either dressing like a European or a Japanese person. We sent Hip Hop to Europe and Japan and that’s how it came back. Now, we’re taking notes from their influence and giving it right back to somebody else. That’s how it’s supposed to be. If you’re in Texas and all you doin’ and all you know and everything in your life is just Texas, then you’ve blocked yourself out of a lot of great things in this world. That goes for every region. Hip Hop started out as a regional thing. It was very segregated. Like everything else in this world that involves segregation and division, we’ve got to tear that down.” 

Trinidad James’ comments about New York Rap were made during a concert in Brooklyn, New York.

“I remember when New York ran this shit, dog,” Trinidad said. “When Dipset was fuckin turned the fuck up. Oh my God. I gotta wear my bandana on tilt like Juelz. What the fuck happened, dog? What happened? I remember when New York rap was the shit. And us in the South, us bammas, we was like ‘what the fuck’ and we just did our own thing. But now we run y’all musically. That’s crazy. That’s crazy. That’s crazy, my nigga. That’s crazy. I’m not trying to start nothing, but if you want to do something we can do something cause I don’t give a fuck. I looked up to New York music. And now every nigga that’s really poppin’ out of New York, you might as well tell they from Atlanta. ‘He from Atlanta. He from Atlanta. He from Atlanta.’ I’m just putting it out there. Y’all got more bloggers—y’all got niggas interviewing more popular than niggas that’s rapping.”

Other rappers have also responded to James’ statements. 

Maino, who is from New York, threatened James via Twitter

Action Bronson also commented on James’ remarks

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