It was just weeks ago when Los Angeles rapper Hopsin returned from a brief hiatus with “Hop Is Back,” and already the emcee has found himself in a frustrated state when it concerns the industry he returned to.

In a series of tweets sent yesterday (November 7) and the day before (November 6), the former actor seemed to contemplate suicide in one tweet, stating that, “If there was ever a day I was gonna blow my brains out, it would be today forsure.”

He then went on to warn fans against becoming rappers and says he should have instead become a porn star.

In addition to his various tweets, Hopsin also released a new song titled “Have You Seen Me” this week. On the song, Hopsin again expresses his frustration with the music industry, family, and more as he raps, “Every time I rap you can hear the pain burn through / Cause I never had a real family to turn to.”

The release of “Have You Seen Me” comes weeks before the scheduled release of Hopsin’s third studio album, Knock Madness. During his Twitter rant, Hopsin hinted at possibly leaking the album, which is slated for release on November 26.

In an exclusive interview with HipHopDX last month, Hopsin referred to his upcoming album as a “moment of truth” as he addressed naysayers.

“People say I say the same things over and over,” said the rapper. “But in reality, I haven’t released an album in three years, so people haven’t really seen what I can do or who I am. Everybody in my XXL Freshmen thing I think did their thing. I haven’t come out with mine yet. This is my time. From all the hype you’ve ever seen from Hopsin, this is that moment of truth.”

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