Although Russell Simmons is in Boston at the Hip-Hop Summit it seems his wife has ran into serious trouble with the law at home. Kimora Lee Simmons was arrested on drug and reckless driving earlier this week in Saddle River, NJ near their home. According to the NY Post Kimora was charged with eluding a police officer, operating a vehicle while possessing a controlled substance, possessing marijuana (under 50 grams), careless driving and tailgating. Lt. Robert Breese said Kimora “made no attempt to stop when police officers asked her to pull over. They arrived in front of her residence, where she was finally confronted.”

Kimora denies having done anything wrong and insist this arrest is bias. “We deny any wrongdoing whatsoever” and called the incident “another example of a prominent member of the hip-hop community being made an example of”, Stacey Richman, Kimora’s attorney said. Russell Simmons has stood by his wife’s statement that she has done nothing wrong and that this could be a case of racial profiling. “My wife is an excellent driver, and she’s not guilty of any crime. You don’t have to grab my wife and put handcuffs on her. Her wrists are all bruised up.” Lt. Breese denies that is the case and said, “We’ve never had any complaints about racial profiling against these officers.”