Troy Ave says he is so confident about his new album, New York City The Album, that he will give fans their money back if they feel it is not the best album released in over a decade.

During a recent interview with the Village Voice, Troy Ave talks about why he feels confident about his upcoming release and why he is not nervous about its reception.

“There’s no nervousness,” Troy says. “I know that it’s good. We been on the highway with police flashing lights behind me. That’s the real anxiety type of feeling. This is going to be a classic. This is the best representation of New York City Rap in over a decade. I promise. I’ll give people their money back if it’s not the best in over a decade. I got the classic sound and I’m improving on it. This album is like a classic car, like a Mercedes Benz, but this is the new body that came out.

“I’m going to show and prove,” Troy continues. “You can fuck with everything straight through. Every type of word people use to explain this album will be exclamatory words. I never lie to people. That’s why my word is so good in the streets. You can’t come where I come from and still be out here, living or be respected, if your word is not good.”

During the interview, Troy Ave also spoke about what he is looking for in a record contract. 

“I need to be put on a platform to make more money than I already make,” Ave says. “I’m not going to sign and play second fiddle to nobody. I want the whole building behind me. Whoever does it will probably be looked at as a genius and fucking promoted. We hustlers, man. The label just puts you on a bigger block. Say, you buy a brick of coke for $38,000 on a one-block radius. You can break it down and make $100,000. What the record label does is put you on 100 blocks, but you’ll pay about $70,000 for the brick. So, instead of making $70,000 profit, you make $300,000. Anybody can deal. Hustling is making more out of it.”

Troy Ave released New York City The Album today (November 4). The project features songs including “Classic Feel,” “New York City” and “Me Against The World.” The album also includes guest appearances from Raekwon, Pusha T, N.O.R.E. and Scram Jones, among others. 

Troy Ave has released several projects, including three installments of his Bricks In My Backpack series. The third installment is his most recent release. It arrived in 2012.

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