During a recent interview, Action Bronson was asked how he deals with criticism on his character. 

“I have a very short memory,” Bronson said during an interview on pigeonsandplanes.com. “Most of the things these people write about, I want to know what kind of people they are in their life. If you come to one of my shows and you don’t enjoy something that is being done, then you shouldn’t be there. You know what I mean? It’s very simple. Why would you wanna put yourself through that? God forbid, oh my God, it’s such heart-wrenching and terrible things going on at these shows that you have to fucking attack me. Attacks of character, like… you can’t attack somebody’s character especially when they’re comfortable with their lives and themselves.

“If someone’s uncomfortable and definitely self-conscious and know that they’re a schmuck then that type of psychology can work,” Bronson added. “But on me, that’s not going to work. I know who I am. I know what I represent. I know how I am. If I do something wrong, I apologize. If I’m a fucking schmuck I apologize. I know when I’m wrong. Sometimes I don’t, sometimes someone tells me and then I see it and I figure it out. But I’m not this type of person, I don’t know what type of person someone would think I am. I’m a great man, I’m a great father, I’m a great everything. But I’m also a shithead. I’m not the greatest human. Show me one that is.” 

Action Bronson Says He Is Not Misogynistic

During the interview, Bronson was also asked about misconceptions people have of him. He was asked what the greatest misconception might be.

“Possibly that I’m a misogynistic human being in life,” Bronson said. “Like I hate women or something like that or treat them terribly, which is unheard of. I talk crazy about everything, I just don’t talk crazy about women. Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you’re not a piece of shit. So I don’t give a fuck, you guys wanna talk all that equality and women’s rights and this and that bullshit. Everyone should be themselves and be free. Just don’t come at me on some bullshit, you can be a piece of fucking garbage also.” 

During the interview, Bronson also separated his life as a father and his life as an artist.

“That’s totally separate,” he said. “I’m a father first. Fuck the artist. It’s all about the kids, I do this shit for my children. It didn’t start off like that but shit, I’m making money off of it and that’s definitely what it’s about. It’s definitely about the preservation of my children.” 

In October, it was reported that Action Bronson was criticized by a writer from Now Toronto

“During one song, Bronson brought a woman onstage, threw her over his shoulder, put her down in front of him, and proceeded to grope and shake her breast for…like, a long time,” Now Toronto’s writer said of the October 1 concert in Toronto, Ontario. “Then he tossed her away like a piece of trash.” 

Bronson responded to the article with a series of Twitter updates. One follows.

Bronson released his Blue Chips 2 mixtape recently. The project features Ab-Soul and Mac Miller, among others. It can be streamed below.

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