Breaking into a new arena of fashion, Roc-A-Fella CEO Damon Dash plans to “redefine” luxury with his new watch collection. Partnering with Daniel Lazar, a watch and jewelry designer, the two have created Tiret New York, a high end design of watches that will set a new trend in its market. “We are creating unique watches that are not meant for just anyone,” Dash commented. “Our watches are created for those with the most selective taste, for those who are accustomed to the best in everything, not just style. Tiret New York will stand out and win over the luxury consumer.”

Along with the newest technology, Tiret New York will offer consumers top quality with the use of rare material. With watches such as the “Second Chance” consumers will get a distinctive piece that has two chronograph movements with two dates. The watch also has an oversized gear like shape with the first removable oval bezel. The Tiret New York collection will range from $18,000 to $175,000.