On The Marshall Mathers LP 2’s “The Monster,” Eminem references Kool Keith.

Recently, Kool Keith gave his take on being mentioned on the Eminem selection. 

“Oh, that’s good,” Keith told XXL, despite not having heard the song yet. “Eminem is one of the most outstanding rappers besides myself. Definitely one of the most out of all the Rap world. For him to shout you out, that’s good. That’s a real good thing. It’s like picking a needle out the haystack out of a billion rappers. That’s a real good thing. That’s an honorable mention.” 

On “The Monster,” Eminem says he’s “going cuckoo and kooky as Kool Keith.” When told about the line, Keith responded.

“I don’t take the phrase like a diss,” he said. “I take it as he had a moment of his life to think about me for a couple of seconds. That’s really good. All the rappers know me in general. For him, all the rappers look up to him. That’s the thing in general. One day we’ll get on the track. Hopefully, he calls me to do that song and we get a song. Trade some vocals and stuff like that. I’m glad. That goes to show that I am still current. You don’t have a box to put me in. I’m not labeled from the guys that are back in time and the rappers that can’t keep up with the current moment. That’s a very good compliment.” 

Eminem has referenced several rappers on songs off The Marshall Mathers LP 2. On “Berzerk,” Em makes a point of referencing Kendrick Lamar, among others. On “Rap God,” Em shouts out Rakim and N.W.A., among others. Kool Keith was asked about Em mentioning “legends” on recent tracks.  

“I never wanted to be a legend,” Keith said. “I was always wanted to be just a superstar, a superstar person. I always wanted to be immortal—a never ending superstar. A legend, you know, some of the other rappers like to be called legends. A lot of people like legend or pioneer. I don’t use those words. When you are cooking in the kitchen, those are certain things I don’t want in my kitchen. That’s a certain pot and pan. I don’t like use those utensils in my kitchen—legend and pioneer. A lot of rappers out right now they look very old. I think they are pioneers. They may come on the radio every day, but when you see them in videos, they look old. They definitely look old. I’m still a young guy. I gotta maintain my youth and being young. Me being 18 years old, I’m just starting.” 

Kool Keith founded the Ultramagnetic MCs in the 1980s. He’s also released several albums, including this year’s Total Orgasm I and Total Orgasm II. He is currently working on a new album, which does not have an official title yet.

“I am almost finished,” Keith said of his new project. “I got to link it all together. I might call my album…I might name my album Atomic. That’s what it might become. The name of my album might become Atomic. I am going to call it Atomic. Atomic VomitAtomic Vomit! You know, it’s like I am throwing all these rappers up. I’m throwing all these wack dudes. I’m throwing all them up.” 

Eminem’s “The Monster” can be heard below. 

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