Chuck Inglish, Ab-Soul and Mac Miller teamed up for the release of Inglish’s “Came Thru/Easily.” The trio joined forces on the set of the selection’s music video. Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage is available on HipHopDX. 

The “Came Thru/Easily” video was filmed on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, California. One of the locations of the clip is Known Gallery. 

In the clip, Ab-Soul and Mac Miller play on the song’s title. 

“Oh, yeah,” Ab-Soul says in the behind-the-scenes video. “We just came through.” 

“Easily,” adds Mac Miller. 

Other rappers also make cameos in the behind-the-scenes clip. 

A$AP Yams discusses the clothing that Ab-Soul, Mac Miller and Chuck Inglish wear in the video. 

“The homies got jumpsuits,” Yams says. “They fresh out of county [jail] right now. My man [Chuck Inglish] is lookin’ like he was sellin’ livers on the Mexican black market.”

Smoke DZA also makes an appearance.

“I’m on the set of this extravagant video,” DZA says. “I was just walking down Fairfax smoking drugs and I ran into my friends, so I’m here.”  

In an October 15 interview with Complex, Inglish explained the video’s theme.

“The video [is] a play on the Beasties Boys’ ‘Sabotage,'” Chuck said. “My version.”

Recently, the song made headlines when Ab-Soul addressed his lyrics on “Came Thru/Easily,” in which he referred to Mac Miller as Ice Cube. On the track, Ab-Soul refers to himself as Eazy-E. “That means Mac is Ice Cube,” Soul says on the selection.  

“That was so wild for me to say that, right?” Ab-Soul said in an interview with “Mac Miller is Ice Cube? I’m sorry, Cube, if you took that disrespectful. I was just joking.” 

The HipHopDX exclusive behind-the-scenes clip can be viewed below followed by the video, which was released through MySpace.  

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