Roughly a week after rapper/producer Hit-Boy posted a picture of himself and Dr. Dre on Instagram along with the caption, “Look who stopped by House | Of | Hit today,” the beatsmith has shared the details of what led to the visit from his fellow musician.

Speaking with Hard Knock TV, Hit-Boy revealed that Dre’s visit was orchestrated by a friend of his who also happened to have ties with Dre. Hit-Boy offered a handful of details on the visit, which he says consisted mostly of kicking it, as he spoke on playing some of his music for the former N.W.A. member and also receiving an autograph from Dre for his The Chronic album.

“That was pretty amazing,” Hit-Boy said. “I can’t really go into—Matter of fact, yeah, I will just say a couple of things cause they didn’t want me to give out any information about it. But basically, Dre, my boy Fuzzy, I have a great relationship with him. He was the first person to book me for a show as an artist and stuff like that. We always had a great relationship. He just stopped by my crib one day and he was like ‘man.’ He felt the vibe. He wanted to just bring Dre through. So, he just brought him through and we just kicked it. You know, I played him a couple of things. I’m not saying that we are working together or anything…That was just an amazing thing to have somebody of that caliber, somebody who I genuinely really studied as a student of music, to be there cosigning some stuff I was doing.”

Prior to sharing the details of Dre’s visit, Hit-Boy shared one of his first Hip Hop memories, one that happened to involve the Aftermath Entertainment founder.

“My first Hip Hop memory? Man, maybe my uncles playing the N.W.A. album and just all the vulgar lyrics and stuff like that,” the producer said. “I was just always a fan of music so anything that just sonically sounded different than stuff I heard every day, I was super into.”

Hit-Boy Says Kendrick Lamar Deserves A Grammy Win

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards are set to take place in Los Angeles on January 26, 2014, and Hit-Boy will likely see a number of artists he’s worked with with Grammy nods. And according to the West Coast beatsmith, Compton emcee Kendrick Lamar is the one rapper he’s worked with that he’d most like to see walk away with a Grammy in January.

“I’mma say Kendrick, man,” Hit-Boy said. “I felt like he had one of the most organic stories and organic movements of the last couple of years. So, and I seen it. I watched him go from not being able to sellout a show, you know early, to what he is now. On the Yeezus tour. It’s amazing, man. So, I appreciate his mind and where he’s trying to take his music and stuff like that.”

With his work on “Backseat Freestyle,” Hit-Boy was one of a handful or producers to lend their production talents on Kendrick’s good kid, m.A.A.d city album.

Hit-Boy Unsure Of When His Work With Drake Will Be Released

One artist Hit-Boy has worked with recently is Young Money singer-rapper, Drake. Although the producer does not have any contributions on the Canadian artist’s newly-released Nothing Was The Same album, he did confirm that he has worked with Drake and if any music from the pair is released, it’ll be released on behalf of Drizzy.

“Man, that’s 100 percent up to Drake,” Hit-Boy said. “But I just know the shit is awesome. So, you know, it’s all in what his vision is. So, whatever he wants to do with the song is like—he knows what his plans are and what he wants to do. I’m just here to help bring his vision musically.”

In September of this year, Hit-Boy confirmed with XXL magazine that he had in fact worked with Drake on a few song ideas.

“We worked on a bunch of ideas, none of the ideas are anything out right now. Just got some song ideas,” the 26-year-old producer said.

In the years since he began his music career, Hit-Boy has gone on to produce records for Jay Z, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, A$AP Rocky, and countless other artists.

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