Lush One, host of King of the Dot battle events, recently discussed the Battle of the Bay 6 battles that took place October 12. 

“It feels very rewarding that we were able to resurrect and properly represent the Battle of the Bay legacy,” Lush One said in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “Mac Dre would be proud. I could feel the instant impact. The whole team is incredibly focused and ready to continue holdin’ down the Fresh Coast and takin’ the entire movement to greater heights.” 

Lush One also spoke about the most well-received battles of the event.

Bigg K versus Illmaculate is arguably the battle of the year,” Lush said. “Danny Meyers versus Rum Nitty had the indescribable energy of two hungry emcees reaching new skill levels before our eyes. Daylyt and Head Ice are two of the most unique and innovative in Battle Rap history, as well as authentic. To have them go head-to-head had us awestruck.”

King of the Dot is slated to release the first match-up from this event, Dizaster versus Aye Verb, on YouTube October 28. 

Pay-per-view is still available at Fans can also purchase the musical companion to Battle of the Bay 6, Fresh Coast’s Non-Perishables Vol. 3

In September, Lush spoke to HipHopDX about the importance of the “BOTB” series.

“‘Battle of the Bay’ is the dopest and most innovative series in Battle Rap history, especially for Cali,” Lush said in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “Because of us doing that shit and groups like Hieroglyphics, now you got lil youngsters all through the hood in East Oakland. This is Cali, not New York. We grew up on mob music and gang culture, not Hip Hop, cyphers and battles. We helped bring that element to the forefront. It’s way bigger and more important to the Bay Area then the Battle Rap community can comprehend. ‘Battle of the Bay’ means the manifestation of all my hopes and dreams. I lost my chick over that shit, basically. I chose this over my life and fuck it, I couldn’t be happier.” 

In an exclusive to HipHopDX, Lush One also announced that the next Fresh Coast King of the Dot event is slated to take place in Los Angeles in April. 

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