Childish Gambino, also known as Donald Glover, posted several messages via Instagram Monday (October 14). Gambino’s Instagram posts were images of notes he wrote on hotel paper. The notes listed several fears that Gambino says he has, including fears about failure, disappointment and relationship troubles.

Today (October 17), Gambino said that his posts should not be perceived as troublesome. 

The rapper addressed this issue on his Twitter account, noting that he is not sad and denying that is clinically depressed. 

Gambino’s Twitter posts can be viewed below, followed by his initial Instagram posts. 

Childish Gambino recently announced his Because The Internet album. The project is the follow-up to Gambino’s most recent effort, 2011’s Camp

Gambino, who has worked on television programs including “30 Rock” and “Community,” also released Clapping for the Wrong Reasons, a short-film, in August. The short film can be viewed below.  

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