Nipsey Hussle says that Jay Z purchased 100 copies of his “Crenshaw” mixtape, which the rapper sold for $100 per copy.

Nipsey announced this via Facebook today (October 9). The update was accompanied by a photograph of stacked copies of the mixtape. 

Nipsey Hussle sold the mixtape for $100 yesterday (October 8) as part of his #Proud2Pay initiative. The rapper reportedly made $100,000 off the effort after selling 1,000 copies, 100 of those copies being sold to Jay Z. 

Hussle’s Facebook post can be viewed below.


Hussle spoke about this effort on Twitter, saying that he made $100,000 off the release. 

Hussle also announced that additional hard copies of the project are set to be available in Los Angeles, California.  

Additionally, Hussle announced an upcoming Crenshaw tour, though no dates have been provided. The tour announcement came via Instagram. The post can be viewed below.

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