Despite being arrested more than 25 times, including charges of drug possession and animal cruelty, DMX says that he is happy with the choices he’s made in his life.

“I wouldn’t redo anything ‘cause it got me right here where I’m at right now and I’m in a good place,” DMX says during an interview with Dr. Phil that aired today (September 25). “No regrets.”

Elsewhere in the interview, DMX says that he has 11 children and that he has another on the way.

“They’re well taken care of,” DMX says to Dr. Phil. “I’m a big influence in their lives. I love all of my children. I do see them and speak to them when I can. I do have [a] relationship with my children. I love my children. I would never just not be a part of my children’s lives. That doesn’t make sense.”

Dr. Phil then asks if the reports that DMX is more than $1 million behind in child support.

“Yes, I am,” DMX says. “The reason being because at a time I was making $13 million a year, so if I’m making $13 million a year, then I can pay that. I haven’t made that in about 10 years, so of course I’m behind in payments, but the children are taken care of.”

DMX also says that because of his criminal record, his driver’s license and his passport have been revoked, both of which have made it difficult for him to make money since he is not able to drive to performances and because he is unable to tour overseas. The rapper filed for bankruptcy in July and earlier this month, The Wall Street Journal‘s website published a story that said DMX said in court filings that his estimated monthly income is $5,000 and that he has monthly expenses of $5,221, which include $1,000 on clothing and $500 on laundry and dry cleaning

“You can get buried under these things and it’s kind of hard to get out,” DMX said to Dr. Phil. “It’s being worked out.”

An admitted long-time drug abuser, DMX also said that his reliance on drugs is diminishing.

“I don’t have to get high,” he says. “I smoke weed. I drink, yes. But that’s it. And one day, that’ll be gone. That’ll be gone because my faith is in God, man, and He’s not going to remove it all at once, but He’s taking steps and I’m taking steps every day to get better and get where I need to be.”

UPDATE: DMX’s full interview from “Dr. Phil” can be viewed below. 

DMX on Dr. Phil (Full Episode) from Domenick Nati on Vimeo.

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