Dessa’s “Parts of Speech” tour van was burglarized yesterday (September 20) in Buffalo, New York. Earnings, laptops, cameras, merchandise and various other items were stolen. 

Dessa addressed the matter with a statement on

“Last night after our show in Buffalo, our tour van was burglarized,” Dessa said in her statement. “We lost computers, camera gear, some merch earnings, and parts of the crucial equipment for our set. 

“We visited the Buffalo police station [and] filed incident reports,” Dessa continued. “We convened for a brief band meeting. During this meeting–as if on cue–the hotel lost power. Joey opened the drapes to let in some street light. Did we want to cancel the rest of the tour? We didn’t. Could we pull our show back together in a day? Almost, yeah.” 

“Parts Of Speech” Tour Will Not Be Cancelled  

With support from those on tour with her, Dessa has announced the status of the run.

“We’ve decided to forge ahead without canceling any shows,” Dessa said in her statement. 

Though Dessa plans on moving forward with the tour, which is slated to conclude November 10 in Austin, Texas, the run won’t be without some hardship for the band.

“As most of you can probably guess, indie tours are financially challenging in the best of circumstances,” Dessa said. “But, money aside, this sort of thing can just be damn demoralizing. As the leader of this band, I hate to see my guys missing gifts from their wives and finding themselves–after weeks of hard work and hard travel–worse off than when they left. 

That said, my team has impressed the pants off me in the last 12 hours,” Dessa continued. “Nobody yelled or threw things or said ‘fuck you, I’m leaving.’ Everybody shared what they had and started making plans to get this roadshow in working order again.” 

A tour page has been set up by Dessa via More information regarding the tour and the serial numbers of MacBooks which were stolen, can be found at

The upcoming tour dates for this leg of Dessa’s “Parts of Speech” tour can be viewed below.


Dessa’s debut solo album, A Badly Broken Code, was released in 2010. It was followed-up by the Top 200 debuting Castor, The Twin, which was released through Doomtree’s imprint in 2011. This tour is in support of Dessa’s new Parts of Speech, which entered the Top 100 upon its release this year. 

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