Kanye West’s appearance on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” featured a performance of “Bound 2,” which was backed by The Roots and Charlie Wilson. West began the selection by changing the lyrics to “Bound 2,” which was originally released as a track off of this year’s Yeezus, to diss Ray J, who is singer Brandy’s younger brother. 

“Brandy’s little sister’s lame, and you know it now,” West said during the performance. “When a real brother hold you down, you supposed to drown.”

The lyrics to the album version of the song are different. 

“All them other niggas lame, and you know it now,” West says on the Yeezus version. “When a real nigga hold you down, you supposed to drown.”

The performance, which comes before West goes on his “Yeezus” tour with Kendrick Lamar, was a surprise, according to Jimmy Fallon. 

The performance, via NBC, can be seen below.

In 2007, a sex tape which featured Ray J and his then girlfriend Kim Kardashian was leaked. Kardashian is Kanye West’s current girlfriend and the mother of his child, North West.

In 2012, West addressed this part of Kardashian’s past on “Clique.” 

“My girl a superstar all from a home movie,” West said. “Bow on our arrival, the un-American idols.”

In April 2013, Ray J released “I Hit It First,” a song seemingly about Kim Kardashian. The single’s cover features a pixelated photograph, believed to be of Kardashian in a bathing suit. Soon after the song was released, Ray J addressed speculation surrounding the selection. “It’s a song,” he said. “It’s not about that. It’s just about a concept. You know what I’m saying? People going way too deep. They just gotta keep it on the surface. I’m not trying to create no war. It’s all love.”

In July 2013, Ray J appeared to mock Kanye West’s recent troubles with paparazzi. The video, via TMZ, can be seen below. 

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