American-born rapper MC Jin has had an interesting career to say the least. His hopping between the United States and Hong Kong has both widened and shrunken his fan bases respectively.

Recently sitting down with Vlad TV, Jin talked about just how big he was in Hong Kong and China at his peak.

“When I say I was the Justin Bieber, I meant in Hong Kong specifically,” Jin said when asked about his buzz at the highest point of his career. “If you magnify that to China as a whole, it may shrink, I may not be Justin Bieber, I may be Robin Thicke.”

The battle rapper’s buzz has diminished in both the United States and China, however he is still going and has apparently learned numerous life lessons along the way. Jin says his ego has been lowered and even goes as far as to say he “doesn’t deserve” the fame he’s received.

“I don’t think I deserve any of this, I don’t deserve what I got when I went to Hong Kong,” he explained when reflecting on his career. “I think I’m learning more and more that once upon a time where I thought I was really unique and really special in terms of like my skill and my talent and my identity like, ‘I got mad things I can bring to the table.’ I’m just learning that that might not be the case.”

Also during the interview, MC Jin explains why he moved back to the U.S. after years overseas and how he received his initial fame.

Watch the full interview below:

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