San Francisco, California emcee San Quinn and Tupac Shakur both lived in Northern California in the early 1990s. Rap contemporaries, Quinn reportedly opened for Shakur and Digital Underground in 1989. However, in a new interview with Prezident’s Bejda’s The Murder Master Music Show of UGS Radio, San Quinn spoke for the first time about a violent clash with the then-budding superstar.

“I never got to meet [Tupac],” admitted Quinn. “We jumped him and got into a fight with him. We was trying to get him. Richie Rich got into it with him in 1992 at the Stone Theater on Broadway and we ran up on him.” Interestingly enough, ‘Pac and Richie Rich, who was an early Priority Records star with 415, would collaborate in the years to come on 1996’s “Ain’t Hard 2 Find,” “Ratha Be Ya Nigga” and later, “Niggaz Done Changed.” San continued, “We caught up with him and I was only about 14. It was like a little chuck-fest. We ended up taking one of Tupac’s rings. He lost it because he was swinging the mic stand.”

Quinn, who collaborated extensively with Messy Marv and Keak Da Sneak, recalled, “He was swinging on us with the mic stand and his ring came off. He hit a couple of us but we got him and tripped him, but they head out the back door. That is my fondest memory of Tupac Shakur. My nigga Jermaine Brown—rest in peace; he died back in 1998—but he was the one that ended up with the ring. This is the first time I told that story to anybody on air. Niggas know about it because me, JT [Tha Bigga Figga and Rappin’] 4-Tay we was there! We was thick. There ar people you can ask that can vouch for that story.”

In 2011, Quinn released Can’t Take The Ghetto Out A Nigga on Prominent House Records.

The full San Quinn episode of Murder Master Music Show is available at UGS Radio.

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