A year before Danny Brown’s DXnext interview, the Detroit, Michigan emcee released Hot Soup. During the time of that album, Brown was the subject in a documentary film made by Nic Notion profiling the rapper’s rising career and place in his city.

This week, Brown and Notion unveiled the film known as The Old Documentary via Vimeo, with an announcement on Twitter. The 54-minute movie, posted below, asks Brown about his opinions on Hip Hop and Detroit, and finds the emcee discussing his tenures closely associated with Roc-A-Fella Records and G-Unit, prior to his jailtime in 2008. There is footage from the recording of Hot Soup, and live performances, also including DJ House Shoes.

Earlier this week, Brown threatened to release his album of the same name if Fool’s Gold Records did not intend to release it soon. Brown has been an artist on the label since approximately 2011.

The Old Documentary from Daniel Sewell on Vimeo.

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