Future recently said that he played a role in the creation of Drake’s “Started from the Bottom.”  

“When I was in the studio, when [Drake] made the record, he was in the studio session with me,” Future told Los Angeles, California radio station Power 106. “That’s when I had ‘Chosen One.’ So I was like, ‘When you make it from the bottom, you the chosen one.’ So, when we was in the studio, Drake came by the studio and I always tell my engineer, ‘Start it from the bottom.’ So when I said, ‘Start it from the bottom,’ [Drake] thought I was talking about the song [‘Chosen One.’]”

According to Future, Drake was grateful for the inspiration. 

“[Drake] bought me a bottle of Louis XIII [de Remy Martin Grande Champagne Cognac] that I never opened up because of this story,” Future said. “I was like, ‘Man I don’t want a bottle. I need publishing.’ But Drake, that’s the homie. He was like, ‘Man, start it from the bottom, it stayed on my mind. I instantly got in with the driver and told him to put the CD in. I already had the beat and I just started saying, ‘Started from the bottom, now we here.’ 

“I was like, ‘Man, why you didn’t tell me in the studio?'” Future continued. “That’s the first time I ever told somebody that story on the air, in the public. I’m not doing it for the publicity, just being honest.” 

Future also said that he and Drake are currently working together on new material. 

“We working now,” he said. “You never know what to expect. I know we on the tour together, so one thing at a time.”

Future said he has recorded songs with Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus, a star he says has matured. “She’s growing up,” Future said. “It’s different times. She’s in a different place in her life. She’s older than when she first came out. I never really followed the younger Miley…But she started the twerk videos. She wasn’t the first one to twerk somethin’ but she twerked the video.” 

The Minaj, Drake and Cyrus collaborations are scheduled to be a part of HonestFuture’s upcoming album, currently slated for a November 26 release. 

Honest is the new me,” Future said in an interview published August 8. “It represents the truth I try to bring to my music…I plan to break the mold with this album so that it will be nothing like you’ve heard from me or any other artist out. You can either tell the truth or face the Future.”

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