Inevitably in the careers of successful rappers is the questioning of whether they are actually from the areas they represent.

Big Sean has been at the butt of claims throughout his career of whether he is actually from a place of struggle in Detroit or not. Recently, in an interview between Detroit native Danny Brown and The Fader, Brown said many people from or who live in Detroit don’t consider him from the area. He also said Sean “Probably was real spoiled or sheltered” as a child.

Perhaps it was Danny Brown’s comments that sparked Big Sean’s latest retaliation but in an interview with Hip Hop Nation, Sean wanted to make sure listeners heard his latest attempt at confirming he’s been around the poorer area’s of his hometown.

“Fuck whoever talking about Big Sean and don’t know nothing about Detroit or the streets of Detroit,” Sean proclaimed when unprompted during the interview. “I be in there. Matter of fact, not only do I be there and be in the hood, I be helping the hood and giving back to the hood.”

“I’m the only one out of ya’ll rappers or even new rappers who was paying for Thanksgiving dinners last year, buying Christmas gifts,” he continued. “So if you ever talking shit about me like I ain’t be up in the hood, nigga you crazy.”

It’s unclear if Big Sean’s comments were specifically aimed at Brown but his latest rant comes only days after The Fader interview was published.

Listen to the full Big Sean interview with Hip Hop Nation below:

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