Drake and Diddy called each other “kings” after their recent OVO Fest performance. During a conversation with REVOLT, Drake also reminisced about his early memories of Diddy

“My first show ever at this venue – and I still got the t-shirt to prove it – [was 1997’s] ‘Puff Daddy and the Family [Tour],'” Drake said in the clip while standing next to Diddy. “I was like [in the] ninth row. My uncle spent a grip on the tickets because to come and see this man costs a lot of money.”

Drake spoke about what Diddy’s presence at OVO Fest meant for him. 

“Tonight was like one of the best nights of my life,” Drake said. “I got to be an artist and fan, man. I got to watch the king do his thing, for real, be in his element. I saw the explosions.”  

Diddy explained the stage show’s pyrotechnics were part of Drake’s vision. 

“He was the orchestrator of my show,” Diddy said of the performance. “He said, ‘Just come out. I ordered so much pyro[technics] for you. Don’t worry. It’s gon’ be hot out there.’ I said, ‘I got it. Just tell me what to do.'” 

Known for his lavish events, Diddy was impressed with Drake’s hospitality at OVO Fest. 

“He’s a great host,” Diddy said. “He’s a king, a young king. Only kings understand kings.”  

Ma$e was another guest performer at the event. He reunited with Diddy on stage and the two performed several of their collaborations, including “Mo Money, Mo Problems.” After the performance, Drake said that he wants to work with Ma$e in the future and that Ma$e is “the original fly guy.”

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