Penthouse Players Clique’s 1992 album Paid The Cost was one that was rather successful and achieved gold status. Many, even to this day wonder why the duo and legendary West Coast producer DJ Quik had a rocky relationship post the album’s release and why PPC never put out another album with Quik.

Recently guests on Prezident Bejda’s Murder Master Music Show, the Los Angeles-based duo spoke on DJ Quik and why another PPC album was never made. Recently, comments by Quik suggested that safety was the main reason.

“It hurt my feelings in a way, too many gangsters, killers, and dope dealers were around, but that wasn’t the case,” Tweed Cadillac said. “Quik lived with us in South Central for years and he was protected. For him to say that, it was kind of discerning to say the least.”

Tweed also spoke on DJ Quik’s legendary Red Tape and their involvement in the project’s creation.

“I helped fund that. It was a strategic move,” he said. “We was trying to get money. We bought cassettes and let him distribute that gangbanging shit in Compton to bring some money back to the table for what we was trying to do. I had my hand in that as well. It’s a long story, this ain’t about Quik, it’s about Penthouse. Quik knows the moves he’s made, my line has always been open I’ve had the same number for over 20 years.”

Playa Hamm later called in and said that at one point Quik was a member of Penthouse Players Clique.

“D.O.C. and Suge Knight had a label called Funky Enough Records and we were signed together and it was me, Tweed and Quik as PPC, but they didn’t really work with us so we stepped off in our own independent direction and when we did that, Quik decided to step off in another direction.”

Hear the full interview here.

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