Another aspiring rapper has found himself in a world of legal trouble due to lyrics found in one of his records. According to, Antwain “Twain Gotti” Steward is now facing murder, malicious wounding, and firearms charges due to a shooting, which took place well over five years ago and took the lives of two, young men.

The unsolved murder garnered the attention of local authorities when they discovered a YouTube video of Steward. In the video, which police believe is evidence of Steward’s guilt, the Virginia rapper goes on to rap about physically assaulting and killing an unnamed person.

On the song, which has since been removed from YouTube, Steward raps, “Everybody saw when I [expletive] choked him. But nobody saw when I [expletive] smoked him, roped him, sharpened up the shank then I poked him…had me crackin up so I joked him, it is betweezy six feet ova, told ya [expletive] with my money I’ll roast ya.”

In addition to Steward’s grim lyrics, witnesses also confirmed that Steward and one of the victims had argued prior to the shooting.

Despite the evidence against him, the “Hip Full Of Gun” rapper has remained optimistic and even went on to give thanks to his supporters yesterday, July 31.

Steward is one of a number of Hip Hop acts who have found themselves facing legal woes thanks to their lyrics. In March, an Irvington, New Jersey police officer faced investigation due to a controversial rap video he released under the name “Gat The Great.”

Currently incarcerated, Steward will appear at a preliminary hearing on October 2.

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