Mac Miller and Vince Staples interviewed each other recently. The two emcees talked about criticism for their collaborative project Stolen Youth, the impact of age on Rap and the influence Staples has on Miller, in their interview for Fader.

“How many times a day do you get tweeted about our project and the question is, ‘Why the fuck are you working with that fuck-boy Mac Miller?” Miller asked. 

“All the time, bruh,” Staples said. “Somebody came up to me and was like, ‘Yo, Mac a bitch, but I feel it. I get it. You a smart nigga’…I was like, ‘Yeah, I done made [$5 million] off this nigga already and I get to drive his car.'” 

Staples also described his influence on Miller.

“Hanging out with Vince Staples increases how you are as a person,” Staples said. “So, when you really kick it with Vince Staples, the Vince Staples within you grows. You ever seen The Grinch? It’s like that.”

“Wait, who would you be?” Miller asked. 

“I’m the little girl,” Staples said. “And you the Grinch…You’re like the light-hearted version of him.” 

“I’m a good person,” Miller said. 

“Alright, you seen Jungle Book?” Staples asked before making another comparison. “You’re the bear. I’m the boy-bear and when we start kickin’ it, you learn how to love other creatures.” 

The pair also joked about age in the clip. 

“Age is everything in this Rap shit,” Miller said. 

“Jay-Z [is] 50 and he runnin’ shit,” Staples added. “Do you think he gets senior discounts?” 

The interview can be seen below. 

Vince Staples and Mac Miller (credited as Larry Fisherman) released the album Stolen Youth in June. In the same month, Miller called their collaborative project “crazy.” 

“Vince Staples,” Miller said. “We’re doing a project called Stolen Youth. That should be coming out soon. It’s crazy.” 

The album can be heard below via Datpiff.  

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