DJ Khaled says that his marriage proposal to Nicki Minaj was a joke. Khaled also says that it was a “dope plan” to present his new single, “I Wanna Be With You.” 

“The proposal, I was just having fun with it,” DJ Khaled says in an interview with Virginia radio station Power 92.1. “I just wanted to show love and bring some excitement for my fans to connect with the record…I just wanted to tap into the emotion of the record.”  

The marriage proposal was a way to present his latest single, according to Khaled. The single is “I Wanna Be With You,” which features Nicki Minaj, Future and Rick Ross.  

“I was joking,” he says. “It was having fun. We be so busy making these big hits, I wanted to come with a dope plan to present the next mass record.” 

His acting in the original marriage proposal has led to phone calls about television roles, according to Khaled. 

“I thought I did pretty good on the proposal,” he says. “You know I want to get into movies and all that. So, I’m getting calls already for TV and stuff like that. They’ve been calling but now I’ma start looking at these roles. I really want to do movies. You know what I’m saying?”  

DJ Khaled will keep the ring he used in the proposal video, he says. 

“What’s that saying?” DJ Khaled says of the ring which is reportedly worth $500,000. “‘Women’s best friends is diamonds?’ I’m just gonna add that diamond to one of my pinky rings or one of my necklaces. I love diamonds too.” 

More from this interview can be heard below. 

The marriage proposal was initially made last week on MTV News. DJ Khaled then explained his desire to marry Minaj. However, after “I Wanna Be With You” was released this week, Nicki Minaj told New York radio station Hot97 that DJ Khaled was “not serious.” “It was just another way for him to kinda give the world a glimpse on the feeling of this record,” Minaj said

The marriage proposal can be seen below.

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