While Kanye West may have his gripes with the paparazzi, R&B crooner Ray J seemed quite welcoming of a TMZ photographer in a video posted on the celebrity gossip site this week. The “I Hit It First” singer even went on to mock Kanye and the Yeezus rapper’s now-notorious confrontation with a paparazzo at LAX.

In the video, Ray J is approached while exiting Tru Hollywood nightclub and proceeds to engage in a spiel about higher education.

“Listen, go to college. Forget all that. Go to college,” said Ray J. “Do something good with your life. You can’t hit the 7 and eleven like us all the time. You can’t be lucky like this. Go to college and get a good education. I’m not watching anything. I’m only watching scholars go to college and get a good graduation.”

Later in the video, Ray J is seen playfully wresting with the photographer in a manner reminiscent of Kanye’s July 19 brawl at LAX. In his altercation with a photographer, the G.O.O.D. Music emcee was seen tussling with the man and attempting to take his camera.

Due to a past relationship with Kim Kardashian, Kanye’s current girlfriend and the mother of his daughter, Ray J has not shied away from speaking on his former relationship. In April, the singer released “I Hit It First,” a record which touched on his past fling with the reality star.

Kanye has yet to respond publicly to “I Hit It First” or any comments made by Ray J.

Video of Ray J mocking Kanye can be found below.

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