As a well-researched urban activist, Immortal Technique is always someone to talk to in times of controversy.

Recently speaking with Vlad TV, the Harlem native spoke on the Trayvon Martin verdict and says people’s short memories will soon kick in.

“There is a legitimate concern that I have that people are definitely going to forget about all this soon,” Tech said. “At this point, how many more distractions can we accept?”

He would later go on to talk about how numerous events and injustices in the world today are based off of an American government, who he believes, serves itself.

“We shouldn’t let it eclipse this naturally occurring phenomenon of a government that serves itself now,” Immortal Technique said. “The government should be willing to sacrifice itself for the benefit of the people.”

Tech recently talked with HipHopDX about the Trayvon Martin case and said that it was a wake-up call for blacks and parents.

See the full Vlad TV segment below (via Vlad TV):

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