Atlanta-based duo Ying Yang Twins may have their issues with fellow artist French Montana over the use of his “hanh” catchphrase, but as of now the “Pop That” rapper isn’t taking the pair’s words all that seriously.

Montana offered a minor response to the Ying Yang Twins, who called out the rapper on their Ass In Session record “Sayin’ My Word,” via Twitter earlier this week. He ReTweeted the link to a Complex news story posted on July 22 about the Ying Yang Twins’ diss and added his own commentary mocking the drama surround the “hanh” catchphrase.

The Ying Yang Twins’ “Sayin’ My Word” immediately starts off with a disclaimer about the group’s use of the now controversial catchphrase as D-Roc boasts, “Now every mothafucka from Atlanta already know that I was the first mothafucka screaming ‘hanh.’ So, if you think you started it first, get your mind right.”

Later in the song both French Montana and Kanye West, who has also gone on to use “hanh” occasionally in his songs, are called out by name.

Aside from their critique of French Montana on “Sayin’ My Word,” the Ying Yang Twins have yet to speak publicly on the Excuse My French crafter’s use of the catchphrase they feel they made popular.

Release earlier in the month, Ass In Session features guest appearances from Kilo Ali, Bubba Sparxxx, and more, and boasts production from Mr. Collipark.

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