Following Windy City rapper Kanye West’s various run-ins with the paparazzi, the G.O.O.D. Music artist has received a tremendous amount of criticism for the handling of his encounters with the paparazzi. Despite those critiques, one artist in particular has gone on to show her support for Kanye.

Music icon Cher took to her Twitter account yesterday (July 21) to offer a thank you to Kanye for his treatment of the paparazzi she referred to as “loathsome parasites.”

Both Cher and Kanye have had their fair share of ill experiences with the paparazzi. Most recently, Kanye was videotaped in a scuffle with a photographer as he attempted to take the man’s camera. As a result, he could possibly face legal charges due to the incident.

The Yeezus rapper’s latest altercation involving the paparazzi is the most recent incident to be added to Kanye’s laundry list of run-ins with the pap. Just days ago, he demanded that one Los Angeles photographer not speak to him or anyone he knows.

Similarly, Cher’s frustration with the paparazzi seemed to reach its peak years ago when the pop singer let loose a series of expletives after approaching a photographer in her city.

Cher’s incident with the paparazzi can be found below (via AllHipHop).

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