It seems that the feud between Atlanta rappers Waka Flocka Flame and Gucci Mane has resulted in both artists officially parting ways.

During a recent interview with Tim Westwood, Waka hardly mentioned Gucci Mane by name and even questioned who the Brick Squad emcee was. Waka also admitted to receiving more than the three million dollars he gained while linked to Gucci, now that he’s parted ways with the rapper.

“It’s over with. It’s done. I used to fuck with Gucci when I had like three million,” Waka revealed. “I’m up man…I’m skydiving man. They skinny dipping. When they diving in the pool I’m diving out the sky. I ain’t got no limit. This shit I’m doing, everybody can’t do. The shit I’m doing you don’t gotta join Illuminati to get this money.”

Later in the interview, Waka commented on the importance of making money “above the surface” where others can acknowledge what you’ve earned.

“You gotta get money above the surface not under it,” said the Flockaveli rapper. “When it’s above they can see it. When it’s under they can just walk by. They stepping on it so it ain’t shit to them. It’s like a peasant. So, you can’t shit on the peasant’s man. We always gon’ win. You know what I mean?”

Waka and Gucci infamously feuded with one another earlier in the year with a handful of comments made via Twitter. In the months following the pair’s Twitter incident, both artist’s stated that they would no longer work with one another.

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