The surprising, past rift between Virginia producer Timbaland and Jay-Z has very much come to the light thanks to the release of Magna Carta Holy Grail, which boasts heavy production from Timbaland, and various interviews both artists have taken part in. Timbaland initially spoke on their former feud during an interview with Revolt TV as he admitted to being “wrong” in the situation and also credited their fallout to “personal stuff” and “disagreements.”

With news of their former rift now public, Timbaland has begun to speak on reuniting with the Magna Carta Holy Grail rapper. The beatsmith even shared several details on “Sorry,” an apology record he created with Jay-Z in mind.

“My verse I’m saying like, ‘We copped the same Range. We talked to the same dames. Same things, same lane. Now we see each other, don’t even speak…Accept my apology’…It’s like a Tupac kinda shit…It’s deep. It’s pretty deep,” said Tim.

The song also features Atlanta songstress who has made headlines on numerous occasions thanks to comments she allegedly made in regards to Beyonce.

“Keri actually tells the story about the whole Beyonce thing and how she was sorry about it. Cause she wasn’t really talking about Beyonce, but other people—it says it in the song,” Timbaland revealed.

As of now, it’s unclear when Timbaland will be releasing his solo album.

Video of Timbaland’s interview with Revolt TV can be found below.

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