Former Major Figgas co-founder Gillie Da Kid has built a career in film, since leaving Cash Money Records over five years ago. The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania rapper has released a series of independent street albums, while working on indie films with actor and friend Ving Rhames.

In a new interview with Mikey T The Moviestar, Gillie promoted some recent straight-to-DVD work. “I got some movies out right now. Wrath Of Cain, King Of The Avenue, Mafia, Pimp Bully, Streets.” He also added that he is now working with Above The Law star Steven Seagal in an upcoming picture, planned to release this Fall. “I got one coming in November called Force Of Execution with me and Steven Seagal, Danny Trejo, and Ving Rhames. Y’all should go check that out; I whip Steven Seagal’s ass in this movie.”

The YouTube sensation continued, noting that he is the latest rapper to play another in a film. In an upcoming film, the self-proclaimed “Gil Smith” will be portraying late superstar emcee (and actor in his own right) Tupac Shakur. “I’m just waitin’ on findin’ out when we shootin’,” said Gillie, adding that he had been paid and received a script, but was unaware of production schedule. “I’m just an actor in that.” He compared himself to another Philly emcee-turned-actor. “Just know, nigga, I’ma transform like Will Smith did when he played [Muhammad] Ali. We already know I’m G’d up enough to play [Tupac]. That was never a question.” Gillie revealed that he had been bulking up in the gym to portray the Death Row Records multi-platinum artist who was tragically murdered in Las Vegas, Nevada in September of 1996.

A onetime nemesis of State Property and Lil Wayne, Gillie did not hold his tongue on criticizing other Rap artists who are acting. “Who else is better to play ‘Pac than me, though? Let’s be honest—especially if it was a fuckin’ rapper. None of these fuckin’ rappers!” The North Philly veteran touted, “That’s what these niggas is: they rappers.”

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