Mac Miller is known more for his raps than his production at the moment but he’s also been producing for several artists including TDE’s Ab-Soul and newcomer Vince Staples. Recently, Mac spoke on this and also shared the insight he’s received from producer Flying Lotus, adding that he is looking to expand his production beyond Hip Hop boundaries. 

“Ab-Soul is the first person I ever made a beat for,” Miller shared in an interview with US Rap News. “I just started making beats, like really making beats. I was sitting there making one and he walked in the studio like, ‘Who’s that for?’ I was like, ‘I don’t know.’ He was like, ‘It’s me.’ So he’s the first person I ever made a beat for.” 

However, he’s also been collaborating with others including Long Beach, California’s Vince Staples.

“Vince Staples! We’re doing a project called Stolen Youth. That should be coming out soon. It’s crazy.”

Don’t expect a certain sound from Mac Miller’s production. According to the man who also goes by Larry Fisherman, Mac’s ready to jump around genres as a producer.  

“I make beats for everyone. I try to not limit myself as a producer. I was talking with Flying Lotus and he was saying that now is the best aprt about producing because no one expects a sound from me…So do everything. So I’m trying to do everything from R&B to where I want to try to write and produce cheesy Pop songs. Why not?” 

The interview can be seen below.

Mac Miller released Watching Movies with the Sound Off today (June 18). The album features production from Mac Miller as Larry Fisherman. Miller, Vince Staples and Ab-Soul collaborated over one of Miller’s beats, credited to Larry Fisherman. The song, “Killin’ Y’all” was released earlier this month. 

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