When Lil B titled his 2011 album I’m Gay, he certainly received a reaction from fans, even being subject to death threats.

In a recent interview with themusic.com, the Based God spoke on significance of what he named the project.

“I definitely think I’m a revolutionary with the human rights, the love, the progression of the human race as a whole,” he explained. “You never, ever seen an artist that had enough respect to do what I did. I titled the mixtape I’m Gay and it went against everything – fans, anybody. I said that and I did that and I put it out there. I didn’t ask for any opinion. I just put it out there and I did that myself to help the world – and I’m extremely happy about it. I can go to sleep every day knowing I’ve done stuff that nobody else has done. I changed rap. I changed Rap music. America after Lil B will be a great place. The United States after Lil B will be great.”

Lil B did, however, add “I’m Happy” as a subheading, perhaps lessening the impact of the project’s title. “Shout out to everyone who said I copped out by putting ‘I’m Happy’ under ‘I’m Gay,’ but that was my reasoning,” he said at the time. “How can I cop out when in my head, I had a plan to do that? Like, I’m not literally a homosexual, but I’m happy.”

Lil B added in the interview that his “official album release” will “change the world,” but is currently “under fifty percent done.”

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