In mid-March, it was reported that Irvington, New Jersey police officer Maurice Gattison, stage name “Gat The Great,” was under investigation due to his controversial music videos. And over the weekend, an update provided by, has revealed that Gattison has in fact been charged in the matter.

Gattison, along with three other police officers, were hit with misconduct charges, and as a result they could possibly lose their jobs.

Among the most controversial aspects of the investigation seems to be Gattison’s repeated use of the homophobic slur “faggot” on his record, “Temper Like An Alcoholic.” But according to the rapper, he never intended to use the word in a harmful manner.

“When I say the words…I never say it like intending to slander anybody. I’ve never used that term like that in my whole life. They don’t have nothing. My career is impeccable. I do my job,” said Gattison, according to, while speaking on a homophobic slur used in his music.

Gattison and the other officers involved, who appeared alongside the rapper in his “Temper Like An Alcoholic” music video, will find out their fate during a disciplinary proceeding scheduled later this month.

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